Wholesale Used Shoes

Get quality shoes for your resale business!

Professional Cleaning

We have custom made equipment that we use to quickly and efficiently clean even the dirtiest of shoes. For specialty and high end shoes we have negotiated bulk pricing for third party pro cleaners.


Acquisition Done For You

We have professional shoe pickers that go to thrift stores and garage sales to find the best shoes at the best prices. We only buy name brand shoes in great condition. Most shoes in these lots were listed on Poshmark and our website for $29 to $39.


Our Loss Is Your Gain

We sell our lots of 25 for $8 to $14 per pai which is our average acquisition cost. We try to turn shoes over in 2 months or less for cash flow purposes. Any shoes we have longer than this will be considered for wholesale regardless of brand and actual value. Leverage your followers on popular marketplaces to double, triple or even quadruple your investment. 

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Wholesale Used Shoes

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