Are DVD's Still Relevant in 2019?

Updated: May 22, 2019

I admit that starting a business based entirely from selling DVD's in a world of Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video sounds like a real dud. Why would someone want to have a pile of DVD's when at the click of a button any one of thousands of movies can be ready on demand and commercial free? I believe that it all comes down to finances and just how many times you plan on watching certain movies.


My wife and I are currently subscribed to all 3 of the above services in addition to an HBO add-on and a Showtime add-on. We spend approximately $60 on monthly subscriptions and around $32 for movie rentals through Amazon monthly. We spend $92 a month just on watching movies and TV shows. (To be clear, I am not really impressed with my decision making on that total.)

When every content maker is following in the footsteps of Netflix and creating an in-house subscription service, things get expensive. Disney announced recently that they would be pulling content from Netflix and starting an app for $6.99. Will I be signing up for this service? Probably. Like me, most watchers across the US are not just replacing one service with another, they are just tacking it on to an ever-growing watching budget. Movies and TV shows are getting more expensive despite huge advances in technology for content distribution.

According to an article from , Amazon Prime Video offers 18,405 movies and 1,981 TV shows. Netflix stocks 4,563 movies and 2,445 series. Hulu offers 3,588 shows and 6,656 movies. In defense of Netflix and Hulu, Amazon is the only one of the three that allows movie rentals and purchases in addition to the monthly subscription so a lot of their offerings cost extra.

Knowing all of the above information I am proud to say that I still watch DVD's.

Why with thousands of online movie options and $32 of rental costs per month would I still be watching DVD's? The more appropriate question is how do I determine what movie to watch as a DVD vs. stream?

Our company sells nearly 10,000 DVD's per month retail and yet I only have a collection of a few hundred DVD's personally. A few people have asked me why I don't just keep DVD's I am interested in and cancel all of my subscriptions.

1. It would not be practical for me to build a 2,000 + DVD collection of all the TV shows and movies I enjoy.

2. I want convenience when I am on the go and can only carry my phone.

3. I want to watch my favorite shows every week as they come out.

Obviously, I don't want to buy DVDs of content that is free to stream like Breaking Bad on Netflix or Seinfeld on Hulu. I want to buy DVD's for movies or TV shows that cost extra to watch like The Shawshank Redemption or Forrest Gump. Believe it or not, to rent these two movies will cost $2.99 each and to buy will cost $14.99 and $9.99. You better believe that I am going to buy one of these movies at a flea market for $1 and add it to my collection. Unfortunately, most of the best movies are either not available to stream or cost extra to watch.

Until all movies are readily available for free (in addition to subscription cost) I believe that buying a hard copy of a movie is a money saver for anyone who cares about saving money. Don't be like me and rent Shawshank Redemption 3 different times before finally deciding to buy the DVD. If you are someone that pays $12.99 per month for Netflix only to watch The Office, I highly recommmend that you pick up the hard copies in one of our 15 locations in Indiana and Kentucky. started with the idea that buying good DVDs in bulk and offering them at a fraction of the alternative cost would help save people money. This idea has quickly translated across several categories including electronics, tools, overstock products and diagnostics equipment.

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