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We will be standing by ready to solve any and all issues that may arise. Just think of us as your very own shipping department. 

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Custom Crating

For even the most delicate medical equipment we can provide custom crating through our partner network. 


Full Truckload 

For even the most delicate medical equipment we can provide custom crating through our partner network. 


There are two parts to our business model. On one side we buy and sell wholesale clothing and commercial equipment. The other more time consuming side is arranging the pickup, packaging and delivery of these goods. One perfect example of the time wasting is when we found ourselves in a real bind trying to purchase an espresso machine. We had to call one company to pick the item up and deliver for packaging, another to palletize it, a broker to find freight and about 15 calls in between to correct mistakes. Going through this rigorous process ourselves has provided us with the expertise and the partnerships required to get our own freight shipped at the lowest cost possible. We decided to help other small businesses that were having the same issues we were. Booking with us saves time and money that can be better spent working on what matters. 

Moving a Couch

White Glove Service

For the items that need to be picked up and palletized, we offer white glove service. Through our relationships with independent contractors we can prepare even the heaviest of equipment for shipping. 

Packages on Shelves


Many of our clients need a bit of time to process an item before it is shipped. We provide numerous storage options for even the most unique circumstances.

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